Today’s blankie, for an Angel

  In the south we  call distant relatives “kissin cousins”  I was commissioned by my brother in law’s niece Ashley, the cousin of my niece Cydney to make a blankie for her first grandbaby coming soon.  It’s a funny thing about blankies… they started off as a tithe to the newborns and have slowly turned […]

Quilts and poetry

  A few years ago I did a project with the quilters and poets where the poet gave the quilter a poen to inspire a quilt and the quilter gave the poet a quilt to inspire a poem.  I was paired with Timothy Walsh who happens to be quite a brilliant poet and a delightful […]

Bubblepop mushroom ninja!

  My friend Lisa asked me to make something for her co-worker who is about to have a baby.  The older son has named the baby “BUBBLEPOP MUSHROOM NINJA” and she wanted this name on the blankie.  With an aquatic theme for the child’s room what could be more appropriate than my signature little cat […]

Knocking off Gee’s Bend quilts… is it inspiration or a rip off?

Robin Cooper took me to see the Gee’s Bend exhibit for my birthday quite a few years ago. I was familiar with African American quilts and loved them.  This show rocked my world.  I came home and pieced the crosses quilt out of beautiful but heavy earth tone fabrics.  I was up till 2 in […]