It’s so interesting doing commission work. How do you make the client happy while staying true to yourself and making yourself happy?  It’s a big job.  This quilt began with a call from my friend Renee Knight to make a quilt for her son Xai.  They came to the studio and looked at everything (I do mean EVERYTHING) I had prepared and decided to commission one.  They chose a stack of colors and a Gee’s Bend like pattern I had made for the front.  Renee helped me paint the back which is based on an African pattern from the fantastic book: “African Canvas”  Images from east African women’s houses. Here’s the picture:


and here’s the backside of the quilt:


And here are a few views of the top of the quilt, taken by Anette Hansen in her large beautiful bedroom, on her queen sized bed.


It changes a lot depending on the  way it is placed.


It was quilted by Cheryl Payne at the Patchwork Peddlar. She is an enormously talented quilter!


I happen to love that red and yellow Potato Dextrin rrsist piece I made one summer in my neighbors back yard.  That split showing yellow is from a fold in the fabric.  I knocked out 50 or so yards of  that gorgeous cloth in a few weeks time. It was an amazing wild creative week!  Sometimes I make cloth and it takes years, decades even to find a place for it.



  1. Matin

    Great job sweetie… you go girl!

  2. Cheryl

    That quilt looks great when it is in its place. Thanks for the compliment.

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