Making art in Mexico

My friend Gordon Kyle hired me to make 2 quilts for his daughters of his designs.

He made both of these with coloraid paper while hanging out on his sailboat.  This one we have been calling fog.  We dyed cloth for a week to get all the shades. Today I put the  top together… we are lacking  the curved piece which will be appliqued.

here it is pieced, hanging a bit helter skelter on the working wall.  I was so stressed about getting this together I demanded that we walk into town and have  coffee and flan at El Pegaso, one of my favorite restaurants.  As we sat in the Jardin (zocalo) we saw this:

and as I had my coffee and ate my flan  a great relaxation came about.  Part one completed, except for the border!

Tomorrow we begin on the piece called “boat”




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  1. CheriRae

    Enjoyed your post. I was also surprised to see the large figures – what are they called? – in the Jardin. Did you see the dancing in the center of the Jardin? Where is Pegaso? Your fabric art is amazing!

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