At times when I am stuck or blocked or just uncertain about where to go next with my art, I return to the UFO (unfinished objects) box and go through it and fold and refold all the thought forms that I have started and discarded. Sometimes it brings about inspiration.  Yesterday I decided to make a few baby blankets from the odds and ends in there.  It does seem like  there are a lot of babies being born right now.  I started with this one.

blankie 1

This center block came from a little teaching  by my friend Leslie Bixel about how to make a block from an african american quilt in the book Signs and Symbols by Maude Southwell Waldman.

African American cross quilt

So last winter in San Miguel de Allende I asked,  how do I make this block? and she showed me.  That Leslie is one smart gal and she started making a bunch of these blocks also with polka dot centers, you should see them, wowzle!   Me I made one big fat one and said that’s enough.  So it sat in the UFO box since last winter.  The great thing about baby blankets is who cares? It’s for a baby whose gonna barf on it and pee on it and it’s going to get washed 10 million times.  For me it is sort of like back art, extremely freeing… oh it’s just the back, do whatever you want. Corners don’t match, so what?  I put some commercial cloth made by Caryl Fallert in it! So what.  I whooped three of them out in a day… well ok!

The second one was going to be the back of a quilt for Jeremy Kagan’s grandbaby but some judgement got stuck on it and I lost my heart for it, so the top went back into the ufo box and I made the back which was an extra block from the quilt I made for the bed on my newest airbnb rental.  Here’s that top:

queen quilt

It looks great quilted. Of course I don’t have a picture of it. So here’s the blankie I made from the left over block.   Leslie again pointed out as I was struggling with the big one that it wanted to be a 9 patch… Isn’t she always right?


and finally this evening I found this silly bit that I had put some borders on a zillion years ago. A fragment of a flower, with some crazy meaningless writing and a lot of purple. This was done WAY before I became a purple-a-phobe, obviously. I do like the way I completed the flower with the quilting.  I didn’t realize I was going to do that when I started quilting it.

blankie3It’s always an adventure when you have no idea what you are doing and just begin fumbling around making stuff.  I saw a button that said: “Just go in your studio and make stuff.”  That’s my motto.  Also another key:  “If you fuck up, RECOVER.”






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  1. Cheryl

    great quilts and fun for the babies

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