Continuing on with the making of small constructions and preparing them for framing I quilted 3 this morning.  The first with  bits from Svaha Woodward’s curtains as predominant elements.

construct 3

I have been using a lot of pinky coral lately it seems.  The next construct came right out of  the building the first set of curtains and I set it aside thinking it would be a good unit to stand on it’s own.

construction from curtain project

I took this picture with my iphone and am not sure why it looks soooo unsquare. It really is square.  The last little thought form really did come out of the ragbag.  These small bits 12×18″ really are like thought forms…. not full expressions, just playing with colors, shapes and form.


The funny thing about this little bit is that part of the construction was started in Nancy Crow’s class at QSDS many years ago… I have cut and restructured those bits so many times. I think I am about done with all of the stuff I did there. At last!

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