I received a commission from Integrated Art LLC to make a series based on this small 15×19″ wall piece. Of course I had no more of the fab polka dot fabric although I did spend an hour looking for it. so I made this series. The first a gallant attempt to copy the original. Not […]

A Day In San Miguel

Last tuesday I was drinking coffee when I heard a funny sound.  What is that??? and I got it… Hot air balloons! I grabbed my iphone and ran up to the terrace.   OMG it was right over my house!  I looked right to see a second one coming up! so I ran to the […]

Making an art quilt a different way!

We finished half of the center of the 2nd quilt Gordon commissioned me to support him making.  I never work from pattern or try to get a specific color.  this has been a big learning curve  for me… but we are moving along. and here is Gordon Kyle holding up his painting/cutout in front of […]

Scenes from My Holiday Show December 1-2, 2012

My holiday show last weekend was a big success.  Anette Hansen took some pictures I would like to share with you!   Silk and rayon velvet is  the most seductive fiber!  It’s fun to paint and hard to sew.  Here are the new smaller sizes I developed for this years show:   For the last […]

Assisting at a sewing class sponsored by the Sewing Machine Project

I have been helping Rebecca Sites out with a sewing class at the Catholic Multi-cultural Center which she teaches in Spanish, quite masterfully.  There is a Monday class and a Friday class… I caught her bag demo in both and came home to sew this nifty shopping bag with my hand painted cotton sateen that […]

The velvet scarf collection for Absolutely Art part 2

  This is almost all of the second part of the collection for Absolutely Art on Atwood Avenue.  these are one sided velvet in 2 sizes that can be hand washed and machine dried.  They are painted with procion fiber reactive dyes here in my studio at 1331 Dewey Court in Madison.


I have a darling home in San Miguel de allende Mexico where I winter.  It does have very funky mexican construction and the bathroom is 22 steps from the kitchen.  BFB…Big F*ing Bummer!  I thought about selling it last year but it’s not quite the time.  I decided to put in a half bath on […]


It’s a humble thing a potholder, but sort of useful.  I made my first on on a little loom with loops and went door to door selling them for a quarter.  They sold like…hotcakes?  potholders!  Well I am still at it, now dyeing cloth or cutting up quilt tops that don’t work out, layering batting […]

Today’s blankie, for an Angel

  In the south we  call distant relatives “kissin cousins”  I was commissioned by my brother in law’s niece Ashley, the cousin of my niece Cydney to make a blankie for her first grandbaby coming soon.  It’s a funny thing about blankies… they started off as a tithe to the newborns and have slowly turned […]

Quilts and poetry

  A few years ago I did a project with the quilters and poets where the poet gave the quilter a poen to inspire a quilt and the quilter gave the poet a quilt to inspire a poem.  I was paired with Timothy Walsh who happens to be quite a brilliant poet and a delightful […]