At times when I am stuck or blocked or just uncertain about where to go next with my art, I return to the UFO (unfinished objects) box and go through it and fold and refold all the thought forms that I have started and discarded. Sometimes it brings about inspiration.  Yesterday I decided to make […]


I bought about 30 tiny onesies this morning at a garage sale for .25 each with a volume discount (of course)! and set to dyeing them.  Here they are stuffed in their little cups after being soaked in a mixture of soda ash and water.     20 minutes later, stage 2!       […]

Today’s blankie, for an Angel

  In the south we  call distant relatives “kissin cousins”  I was commissioned by my brother in law’s niece Ashley, the cousin of my niece Cydney to make a blankie for her first grandbaby coming soon.  It’s a funny thing about blankies… they started off as a tithe to the newborns and have slowly turned […]

Bubblepop mushroom ninja!

  My friend Lisa asked me to make something for her co-worker who is about to have a baby.  The older son has named the baby “BUBBLEPOP MUSHROOM NINJA” and she wanted this name on the blankie.  With an aquatic theme for the child’s room what could be more appropriate than my signature little cat […]


My web guru, John has become enamored of tie dye and I have been teaching him and his gal, Alissa. We went to the sunday flea market and bought shirts to dye. Before they got there I whipped out another sun face for a baby blanket commissioned by my art patron John Hardiman.  They are […]

Back art or what the quilt doesn’t show! My fiber art working wall tells all.

I love painting backs of things… it is soooo Freeing to not worry about structure meaning color form or any of the essentials the front of a quilt must show.  This silly back art I painted for the back of Gaby’s sun baby blanket/quilt. it was too small so I added green strips, also dyed […]

quilts for babies

When I am stuck I usually paint a happy sun face… it is a great icebreaker for my creativity!  I painted this sweet quilt for my friend Gabriela from Transylvania who is expecting.  She is here visiting San Miguel and is the most delightful and charming presence!