Mexico never passes up a chance to make a buck. On the road heading into the graveyard there were vendors of all sorts. These sweethearts selling fake flowers and my sweet vender gal from the Tiangis, the Tuesday market was there with her flowers: Always a chance to feed people if there is a crowd, […]

OFFRENDAS Altars for Day of the Dead in San Miguel

The night before the Day of the dead is an amazing time to walk in San Miguel.  Thousands of folks head to the Jardin to view the Offrendas honoring and remembering those who have passed.  The scene was filled with creatures from the dead. Altars surrounded the square and even entry ways to the Parrochia […]


Halloween is for the children and seems to last through All Saints day at least and I recall being trick or treated even on the Day of the Dead. There are no happy princesses, cute punkins, charming dogs. It’s all darkness.  Of Pirates there are plenty and that’s about the most benign of the forces […]

Building an Offrenda (Altar) for Day of the Dead

I had a few losses this year and last. My friend Vardo left the body in Maui a few months back. and Dennis Leon last May, and the father of my tenant Christian Hackenberger was killed in a motorcycle accident in Florida last month.   I came to San Miguel de Allende especially at this time […]


Continuing on with the making of small constructions and preparing them for framing I quilted 3 this morning.  The first with  bits from Svaha Woodward’s curtains as predominant elements. I have been using a lot of pinky coral lately it seems.  The next construct came right out of  the building the first set of curtains […]


As a native of New Orlean’s I am usually up for a parade! Especially when I am just bopping around downtown doing my life, paying bills, going to the bank, you know… LIFE!  I happened upon the kids spring parade and got to use my iphone to snap a few pictures. The happy princess riding […]

Mardi Gras in San Miguel de Allende

As a native of New Orleans I was surprised the first time I experienced Mardi Gras here in San Miguel.  There’s not a lot of pomp and drinking, masking and partying. It seems to be more about kids.  They go absolutely wild smashing eggs on each others heads. We walked through the Jardin last sunday […]

Black is not always black!

Yesterday I decided to dye 2 different blacks from Dharma Trading Company in 5 color gradations using Katy Widger‘s formulas.  I have here in San Miguel Jet black and plain old fashioned “black”.  I used 2 tsp in 100ml of urea water with salt and did a full strength 400ml  on 1 yard of manta […]

dyeing the color wheel

I am back at the dye pot today, using Katy Widger‘s terrific book Dyeing the color wheel for quilters.  I used Turquoise for the blue and my colors were not quite spot on but still it looks pretty sweet. and useful on Mexican muslin called Manta.

A Day In San Miguel

Last tuesday I was drinking coffee when I heard a funny sound.  What is that??? and I got it… Hot air balloons! I grabbed my iphone and ran up to the terrace.   OMG it was right over my house!  I looked right to see a second one coming up! so I ran to the […]