Making an art quilt a different way!

We finished half of the center of the 2nd quilt Gordon commissioned me to support him making.  I never work from pattern or try to get a specific color.  this has been a big learning curve  for me… but we are moving along. and here is Gordon Kyle holding up his painting/cutout in front of […]

Abstract Blocks 2012, a new quilt

  I pieced this quilt top last month from fabric freshly dyed here in San Migurl de Allende, Mexico (the crosses in turquoise and  rust, the funky triangles which are chemical resist, another really cool dye technique.) as well as fabric I brought from my studio in Madison Wi.  I have been thinking about the […]


  I am a purple-aphobe, I admit it. I don’t know how it happened but I came to hate purple. Maybe because it is  the favorite color  of many quilters and I am  a poophead!  I know!   I read when I was in the fifth grade that purple was the favorite color of schitzophrenics […]


What a crazy geek-ified day I am having!  John Nunnelly was here giving me a computer lesson. It often happens he skype’s his brother Luke who is a whomping mega geek who runs a company that does Search Engine Optimization to ask a question about this rinky dink little project we are working on and […]


My web guru, John has become enamored of tie dye and I have been teaching him and his gal, Alissa. We went to the sunday flea market and bought shirts to dye. Before they got there I whipped out another sun face for a baby blanket commissioned by my art patron John Hardiman.  They are […]

The tuesday market, flea market where everything is for sale!

One of my favorite events here in San Miguel de Allende is the tuesday market… a huge flea market that has a lot of everything. piles of clothes from the states for a dollar, fish frying, the best gorditas on earth, junk (called “yonke” on the car junk yards), plastic buckets, metal pans for frying […]