I finally got the last commissioned quilt off to the quilter and am waiting for my silk velvet to arrive and decided (art making is decision making) to go through my basket of little stuff and clean it up: refold, reassign, reorder.  Then I decided to make a few small quilts for framing for my […]


I received a commission from Integrated Art LLC to make a series based on this small 15×19″ wall piece. Of course I had no more of the fab polka dot fabric although I did spend an hour looking for it. so I made this series. The first a gallant attempt to copy the original. Not […]

A Day In San Miguel

Last tuesday I was drinking coffee when I heard a funny sound.  What is that??? and I got it… Hot air balloons! I grabbed my iphone and ran up to the terrace.   OMG it was right over my house!  I looked right to see a second one coming up! so I ran to the […]

Making an art quilt a different way!

We finished half of the center of the 2nd quilt Gordon commissioned me to support him making.  I never work from pattern or try to get a specific color.  this has been a big learning curve  for me… but we are moving along. and here is Gordon Kyle holding up his painting/cutout in front of […]

Making art in Mexico

My friend Gordon Kyle hired me to make 2 quilts for his daughters of his designs. He made both of these with coloraid paper while hanging out on his sailboat.  This one we have been calling fog.  We dyed cloth for a week to get all the shades. Today I put the  top together… we […]

Working in series

I received a commission from the UW Hospital (where I am the most represented artist) to make  2 series of 4 quilts 20×30″  I made the first series before leaving Madison called dots and blocks and I am now working on the second series called Simple Arches.  yesterday I finished the first of the series. […]

Juvie quilts for the wingra clinic, sewing and painting in Madison, Wisconsin

here are 2 of the 3  quilts I am doing for the kids secion of the new Wingra clinic: this sun face is in the standard repertoire, Terri the clinic manager picked the  black border print and the loden green outer edge exactly matches the color swatch of the upholstery! It is always odd for […]

Creativity and Inspiration

Sarah grimes the Art Co-ordinator at the University of Wisconsin hospital sent me some pictures of Jan Heaton’s work and said why don’t you make something like this: I said “Easy!” and started to  paint and paint.  And guess what, Easey Peasey is not exactly  the case.  Mainly I don’t usually leave white in […]

Second big quilt for the Wingra clinic and a bunch of scarves!

Well it’s been a busy week, folks.  I finished the top for the second 5×8′ quilt for the new Wingra Clinic on Park Street.  I love some of these fiber art pieces. I call this work: Large and small, light and dark Blocks.  It’s with Cheryl Payne  at the Patchwork peddlar about to be quilted!  […]

Painting silk velvet scarves for the Absolutely Art collection

  I love the store Absolutely Art!  they support local artists and give us a venue to sell our work.  I am painting a special collection of one sided, rolled hem scarves for their holiday season.  I will have my two sided larger scarves here at my holiday show December first and second.  I work […]