Tarot Card Reader     608-257-6697

I have been a student of the Tarot since 1972. I use a question and answer format for my readings with the Rider Waite deck. After extensive studies in the Paul Foster Case School I began to read professionally in 1981 when I moved to Madison. I use a variety of layouts and have a very special reading for the birthday. Please call me  for parties and special events. The fee for a private consultation is $50.00 and the session lasts one half hour. In general I would say my readings focus on the positive aspect of problems and how to transform difficulties into powerful life lessons.

The Tarot deck was designed during the dark ages when women and libraries were being burned and knowledge was being supressed. Students of the occult gathered all the information they had to put into a form that could be readily understood by the masses who were often illiterate. They chose the form of a deck of cards and imbued the images with associations to numerology, astrology, kabalah, and other estoteric wisdom. They put into the symbols all of life as it was understood. Our playing cards are derived from the original Tarot deck.


In a consultation I use that base of knowledge to trigger my own deep intuitive knowing to give counsel and guidance based on the information of the cards, their location in the layout and their directionality (whether they are rightside up or upside down.) It is very important to validate in your own heart any information given in a reading, and if it is not valid or useful to let it go.  I love what Ram Das said in the introduction to Emmanuel’s book of channelled teachings.  Just because a being doesn’t have a body doesn’t mean he knows anything or can help you!  what if he says:”Buy canned tuna.”