I received a commission from Integrated Art LLC to make a series based on this small 15×19″ wall piece.

Screen Shot 2013-07-08 at 8.13.10 AM

Of course I had no more of the fab polka dot fabric although I did spend an hour looking for it. so I made this series. The first a gallant attempt to copy the original.

photo-8Not too shabby as we say here in Wisconsin.  Then this one came through. I added a painted striped element and lost the roundness of the inner shapes.


and then I got bold and daring with a blue scratched taro root resist border:


I love the clamped black stripe. I made it with clips from Bed bath and beyond that have a round shape at the end… love those marks! and Finally I forgot about the lower stripe and added this discharge shibori bottom.  This cloth was possibly made by Nancy Davis.  At least I can’t remember making

The funky brown upper border was made by clamping caps from dye bottles into a rust colored fabric and overdyed it brown.  All in all the series is moderately successful.  None of the centers have the same free vibrant cuts of the originals… Thats what happen when one is in the flow, picking fabric up off the floor to find it is the perfect piece that one needs right now… Copying, it lacks inspiration.


4 Responses to WORKING IN A SERIES

  1. Barbara

    Loved these pieces. Living by the ocean in Nova Scotia I immediately thought of a lighthouse when I saw your work.

  2. I called the first piece: “Ladder” they do seem to be a variation of a theme called Zen Windows. Thanks for your feedback.

  3. Cheryl

    I like em’.

  4. Matin

    The second attempt is my fave. The original is brilliant as well.

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