Working in series

I received a commission from the UW Hospital (where I am the most represented artist) to make  2 series of 4 quilts 20×30″  I made the first series before leaving Madison called dots and blocks and I am now working on the second series called Simple Arches.  yesterday I finished the first of the series.

I have decided to make each one quite different but thematically connected.  I brought along all the arches I had made from other projects and am beginning this  next piece with  a lot of green.  I never quite know how things will evolve and turn out as I begin to work with the materials.

In the first piece I only used solids.  This piece I am heading to a green and orange  with some prints theme.

2 Responses to Working in series

  1. matin

    great piece sweetie! got three more?

  2. Cheryl

    boy, you are hard at work already….I like your arches, always have…

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