Cherie's house in high summer with Binky!
Cherie’s house in high summer with Binky!

I am a fiber artist and this is my dog Binky!   My focus is textile design and quilt making.  These quilts begin life as a bolt of white cloth.  I dye each fabric using fiber reactive Procion MX dyes and a variety of vegetable and mechanical resists such as sugar from potatoes or taro root, clamping and chemical resist.   My studio is filled with hundreds of yards of dyed textiles that I use to construct quilt tops by cutting shapes and pinning them to a design wall and staring obsessively at them, interchanging colors and shapes to complete a design.  Dozens of fabrics are tried and discarded into heaps and piles before stitching begins.

I began this artistic incarnation as a silk painter.  In 1991, while working on my mother’s kitchen table during a visit to New Orleans, my sister walked in and said: “You should sew all those cute little silk paintings together and have them quilted.”  Always a good girl, I followed orders even though at this time I was sewing impaired and jobbed out every stitch.  When the quilter’s bill got too high I bought a sewing machine and got to work.  Hence an obsession was born.

I work figuratively and abstractly making quilts for the wall as well as for the bed. In 1999 I was commissioned to make 3 quilts for Corona beer.   These were used as billboards and newspaper ads around the country.   The University of Wisconsin Hospital has purchased over 120 of my quilts to display on their walls.   See more of my work at cheriestcyr.com


I spend part of each year in my Mexico home in San Miguel de Allende  in the state of Guanajuato, Mexico.  This is a fabulous town filled with art and magic and a lot of gringos!  I drive down each year with my dogs and leave the winter in Madison Wisconsin behind me.  My friend Owen Murphy took this picture of me in my kitchen this February 2013.

casa kitchen

I work as a massage therapist and have since 1977.  I also read tarot cards and manage my apartment rentals.  It’s all about income streams these days. At least for the terminally unemployable!