At times when I am stuck or blocked or just uncertain about where to go next with my art, I return to the UFO (unfinished objects) box and go through it and fold and refold all the thought forms that I have started and discarded. Sometimes it brings about inspiration.  Yesterday I decided to make […]

Maxamillion Rotaru, baby model!

Well here he is with his first internet modelling job, young (very young) Max Rotaru stepping out on the town in one of Cheriezee’s hand dyed onesies!  And isn’t he stylish in all his baby hippie splendor???  It’s always swell to see my creations  being used, even if he’ll only fit in them for about […]

onesies… or should I say manysies??? Hand dyed baby clothes…sweet!

Well here they are, tiny baby onesies and other cute garments scrunch dyed in jars. I  can tell I was out of red and my fuscia  (a primary) was sort of thick and a few will have to go back in they are just too too pale… whats going to cover  all the barf that […]

Today’s blankie, for an Angel

  In the south we  call distant relatives “kissin cousins”  I was commissioned by my brother in law’s niece Ashley, the cousin of my niece Cydney to make a blankie for her first grandbaby coming soon.  It’s a funny thing about blankies… they started off as a tithe to the newborns and have slowly turned […]

Chole’s amazing grandbabies!

When I was making sugar animals at Niko and Chole’s house week before last Chole’s grandkids were soooo pesky especially this boy whose name is escaping me at the moment… he cracked me up. Asuzena immediately got the idea of the iphone as a camera and wanted to take pictures. I kept having to grab […]

quilts for babies

When I am stuck I usually paint a happy sun face… it is a great icebreaker for my creativity!  I painted this sweet quilt for my friend Gabriela from Transylvania who is expecting.  She is here visiting San Miguel and is the most delightful and charming presence!

an 8 year old birthday party here in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

My friend SteveHopkins has fallen in love with the most fabulous woman, Estefania. These images are from her daughter Emanuella’s 8th birthday party. Emanuella is quite an extraordinary character… she goes to Waldorf School and is highly creative. She has been coming over to make art with me.